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Practical Lessons

Preparation for the practical test in our Driving School:

Once you pass your theoretical exams, you must start the practical driving lessons. Each students must attend at least 25 teaching hours.*

Of course, we want you to pass the exams with the first try!

In FARFARAS Driving School, we cover all subjects and all tests that will be requested, in order our students to be 100% prepared for your exams.

To maximize your chances to pass your exam with the first try, here are some tips you must follow:

  • Check your vehicle before you start.
  • Start your vehicle properly.
  • Look carefully before you start after an intersection.
  • Use your mirrors correctly before you change direction or before you reduce speed.
  • Use, where required, the direction indicators (flash) and the lights of your car.
  • Keep safe distance from the vehicle ahead.
  • Keep the right place on the road.
  • Maintain a steady speed and reduce speed with various gears if necessary.
  • Carefully overtake still obstacles or a vehicle ahead.
  • Don’t forget to keep traffic regulations and to have the right attitude towards the other users of the road.

Practical test

The practical test is your chance to prove to the examiner how good and safe driver you are.

When you are well prepared, the practice test is very simple.

It takes about 30 minutes and is carried out by two examiners of the Ministry of Transportations.

The test involves the examination of a particular skill, e.g. parking, reversing around a corner, and driving in real traffic conditions.

Before the practical test begins, the examiner will ask you some questions concerning the car, in order to understand that you know how to drive safely.

See here some basic subjects you must be aware of before your examinations

Keep in mind that the main part of the practical test is to show that you can drive safely and successfully carry out the tests you will be asked.

A small mistake doesn’t mean a failure. If you have reached the required level and you are properly prepared, you will pass your exam without any trouble.

In FARFARAS Driving School we properly prepare you, so you get your driving license on the first try!

* Each teaching hour is defined by the Ministry as 45 minutes of training

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