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Theory Lessons

Being a good driver, is more than handling a car. The theoretical training of each candidate is necessary in order to be able to acquire the proper road behaviour.

You also need to know what road-signs mean, what makes for good road etiquette and how to anticipate dangers before they happen.

Each student must attend 21 teaching hours* of theory lessons. In Farfaras Driving Schools, we provide all forms of theoretic training to our students, so that we can guarantee their success.

Below you can see what we provide to our students:

Theoretical Training Centre

Driving School FARFARAS have their own exemplar Theoretical Training Centre, suitably equipped with all modern teaching aids.

A fully qualified professional will always be by your side to assist you and constantly monitor your progress. This way, you can be sure that you will pass your theoretical exams.

An integrated PC learning program will help you study these chapters or questions for which your knowledge is weaker.

A graph will display your mistakes in each chapter and this is going to help you study in a more effective way and pass your exams on the first try.

Online Theory Test

Never before such a great help for students has been available. Now you can also practice online for your theoretical exam. Driving Schools FARFARAS provide you the most suitable online training program for the road signs, in order to practice in the comfort of your home and at the hours of your choice.

Simply click here and start your preparation immediately!

 Practice with the Book

If it’s more convenient for you to study by a book, you can obtain from our office the book of Theoretical Training for Learner Drivers.

The book contains all official questions and answers, as there are defined by the Ministry of Transportations, which is always fully updated. This way you will be fully prepared with everything you need for your theoretical exams.

Theoretical Exams

What to expect on the day of the exams:

To pass your theoretical exams with success, you must correctly answer 29 out of 30 questions. All questions are of multiple choice and you must touch the screen to select the answers you want. The examination time is 35 minutes. Once the exam is finished, you will wait in the waiting room until you get your results.

Don’t waste any more time! Try your potentials with the online theory test of FARFARAS Driving Schools and take driving license NOW!

* Each teaching hour is defined by the Ministry as 45 minutes of training.

Online Theory Test

Practice online for your theoretical exams!

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