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Question 1
Do you believe that the lights of the motor-cycle should be on also in the day-time?
  • Yes, because thus it is better visible by the drivers of other vehicles.
  • No, because the battery runs down.
  • No, because thus they limit the visibility of the drivers of other vehicles.
Question 2
Riding your motor-cycle you are approaching a crossroad where the traffic light is red. There is a pedestrian crossing ahead. Where should you stop in order to wait until the light becomes green?
  • Just after the pedestrian crossing.
  • On the pedestrian crossing.
  • Just before the pedestrian crossing.
Question 3
In a collision between a motor-cycle and a car, what do you think that protects the motor-cyclist?
  • Suitable clothes and suitable crash-helmet.
  • The small mass of the motor-cycle.
  • Their throwing off the motor-cycle.
Question 4
For traffic safety, which of the following should be carried out by a repair workshop that operates legally:
  • Check of the braking system, suspensions and engine operation.
  • Cleaning of the petrol filter.
  • Lubrication of the chain.
Question 5
How often should you check your tyre pressure?
  • Only at every regular maintenance.
  • After every long journey.
  • Once a month.
  • Once a week.
Question 6
Which is the maximum permissible speed limit for a two-wheeled motor-cycle with an engine of over 125 cc, when moving in a motorway?
  • 60 km/h.
  • 75 km/h.
  • 130 km/h.
Question 7
You notice that a motor-cycle is emitting substances or products which are harmful for human health or pollute the environment more than allowed. What is the punishment for this offence?
  • Only a fine.
  • A fine and the competent person who certifies the offence will immediately take away the number plates.
  • There is no consequence for such a breach of the law.
Question 8
You are riding your motor-cycle and for some reason you get extremely irritated. What should you do?
  • Stop riding until you calm down.
  • Ride at a reduced speed.
  • Speed up ignoring your state.
Question 9
You are riding your motor-cycle at a steady speed and the braking system is in a good condition. On what does the stopping distance of the motor-cycle depend?
  • Weather conditions.
  • Type of brakes.
  • Condition of the road, your tyres and weather conditions.
Question 10
Which of the following make motor-cyclists better visible by the other road users?
  • A grey crash-helmet.
  • Black leather clothes.
  • Clothes with reflectors.
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