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Section 11

1. In a suspension system with air, what is the use of the high pressure circuit:
  • It supplies air to the servo-mechanisms of the vehicle.
  • It maintains the pressure in the air springs steady.
  • It supplies additional air to, and increases the pressure in the air springs, when the car is being loaded, so as to maintain it steady.
2. The carbon monoxide (CO) is a pollutant contained mainly in combustion products of a:
  • Electric-engined car.
  • Petrol-engined car.
  • Diesel-engined car.
3. In a fully synchronized gear-box:
  • All gears change in a synchronized way, except for the reverse.
  • All gears change in a synchronized way, except for the first gear.
  • All gears change in a synchronized way.
4. How do pistons transfer the pressure created by the mixture explosion to the crankshaft?
  • With the help of the connecting rod.
  • Through the valve tappers.
  • Through the camshaft.
5. The aim of the connecting rod is:
  • To transfer the kinetic energy of the piston to the crankshaft.
  • To open and close the inlet and exhaust valve.
  • To connect the piston with the camshaft.
6. On a tyre 175/70 R 15 87T, size 15 indicates:
  • The external diameter of the tyre in inches.
  • The height of the tyre tread in inches.
  • The diameter of the wheel-rim in inches.
7. The sulphur dioxide (SO2) is a pollutant contained in combustion products of a:
  • Diesel-engined car.
  • Gas-driven car.
  • Petrol-engined car.
8. What does a four-stroke diesel-engine suck during induction stroke:
  • A mixture of diesel oil and air.
  • Only diesel oil.
  • Only air.
9. What is the aim of the central driving shaft, if the engine is in the front and the driving wheels are at the back?
  • To transfer the torque from the gear-box to the driving wheels.
  • To drive the front wheels.
  • To transfer the motion from the differential to the gear-box.
10. The oxidizing catalytic converter in buses:
  • Increases engine horsepower.
  • Reduces pollution emitted by the exhaust pipe.
  • Facilitates the exhaust gases outlet.
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