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Section 12

1. What should you do to remain warm when driving in a very cold weather?
  • Wear suitable clothes.
  • Bend low over the petrol tank.
  • Drive very close to the leading cars.
  • Put sometimes your hands on the exhaust pipe.
2. In a very hot weather, the pitch on the road surface may soften. Which parts of the motor-cycle are affected more?
  • Suspensions.
  • Tyre grip on the road.
  • Exhaust pipe.
3. In a very hot weather, the pitch on the road surface may soften. Which parts of the motor-cycle are affected more?
  • Exhaust pipe.
  • Braking.
  • Suspensions.
4. Your indicators may not be visible due to the garish sunlight. What should you do?
  • In addition to the indicators you should give an arm signal in order to show that you intend to turn.
  • You should turn very quickly.
  • You should press the rear footbrake some times so that the brake light switches on.
  • You should switch on the indicator earlier.
5. What should you do in order to be able to see in the night-time?
  • Keep your glasses and visor clean.
  • Use a dark visor.
  • Leave a gap between your glasses or the visor.
  • Do not use glasses or visor at all.
6. You are riding at night. What should you do in order to be distinguishable?
  • You should wear cloths with reflectors.
  • You should have your motor-cycle cleaned.
  • You should clearly ride on the left part of the road.
  • You should wear bright-coloured clothes.
  • You should ride having the lights on.
7. You do not have the proper equipment and you are riding a motor-cycle in a rainy and cold weather. What may happen?
  • Your reaction time may be reduced.
  • You may slip from the saddle.
  • Your visor may freeze.
  • You may lose your concentration and your attention.
  • Your helmet may loosen.
8. You should not ride behind and very close to a lorry, because:
  • The drivers behind you will not be able to see you.
  • Your visibility ahead is reduced.
  • The air-stream of the lorry will drop you off.
  • You will breathe its exhaust gases.
9. You are riding in a central street, which crosses many smaller streets. Why should you be very careful?
  • Because the drivers slow down before turning.
  • Because the street in which you are riding may be slippery, since vehicles turn.
  • Because the drivers from side streets may not notice you.
  • Because gusts of wind from the side streets may drop you off.
10. You are riding in a provincial road where there are oxen and cows. What should you do?
  • You should sound the horn.
  • You should slow down and stop if necessary.
  • You should accelerate.
  • You should ride close to them.
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