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Section 13

1. The leading vehicle is being driven by a learner driver. You should:
  • Sound the horn and overtake.
  • Ride behind them and very close to them.
  • Remain cool and be patient.
  • Switch on your full beam lights.
2. You are riding behind a long vehicle. Ahead of you there is a mini roundabout. The leading vehicle has its right indicator on, however, it is taking up a position on the left side of the road. You should:
  • Sound the horn.
  • Flash your lights.
  • Stay behind it until it finishes its manoeuvres.
  • Overtake it on the right.
3. You should not move with your clutch pressed longer than necessary, because:
  • The control of your motor-cycle is reduced.
  • Fuel consumption is increased.
  • The wear of the gear-box is increased.
  • The tyre grip on the road is reduced.
4. Which kinds of road do not create the risk of slipping?
  • White lines.
  • Dry asphalt.
  • Melted bitumen.
5. Which are the main reasons for skidding?
  • Upright position on the bend.
  • “Soft braking”.
  • Excessive tilting on the bend or sudden braking or sudden change of direction.
6. It is very cold and the road seems to be wet. No rolling noise is heard. What should you do?
  • You should slow down, because you may be riding on black ice.
  • You should ride slowly having engaged the lowest gear you can.
  • You should continue to ride at the same speed.
7. You are approaching a road whose surface is covered by fine gravel. What should you do?
  • Stop.
  • Slow down.
  • Speed up.
  • Ride as normal.
8. You have to travel in the fog. What are the most important things you must do?
  • Take a hot drink with you.
  • Buy fuel.
  • Check the lights, battery and clean the visor of your crash-helmet.
9. The best place to park your motor-cycle is on:
  • A soft ground.
  • The grass.
  • A soft asphalt covering.
  • A stable, level ground.
10. During usual riding in the road you should be:
  • Just on the right of the middle of your lane.
  • On the right part of your lane.
  • 30 cm away from the pavement.
  • Near the middle of the road.
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