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Section 17

1. Must city buses have a speed limiter device pursuant to directive 92/6/EU:
  • No.
  • Yes.
2. The buses must be fitted with the speed limiter device pursuant to Directive 92/6/EU, as long as they have been classified for the first time in a country of the European Union after:
  • 1 January 1988.
  • 1 January 1985.
  • 1 January 1984.
3. Should buses which have been constructed not to exceed the speed of 100 km/h, be fitted with a speed limiter device?
  • No.
  • Yes.
4. Why was the use of speed limiter device imposed on buses?
  • For the convenience of the passengers.
  • For environmental reasons and traffic safety reasons.
  • For the improvement of the road behaviour of the bus.
5. The speed limiter device is fitted to buses, in pursuance of the directive 92/6/EEC, and restricts their speed to?
  • 90 km/h.
  • 110 km/h.
  • 100 km/h.
6. Before the recording chart (disc or tape) be introduced in the tachograph, the driver must:
  • Write only their full name in it.
  • Put it in the device without completing any details.
  • Complete the particulars in it, which are prescribed by the provisions on tachographs.
7. The tachograph should be on:
  • For 10 hours.
  • The entire twenty-four hours without interruption.
  • For 15 hours.
8. Who should keep for one year the recording charts (discs-tapes) of the bus tachograph?
  • The competent police authority.
  • The driver of the vehicle.
  • The owner of the vehicle.
9. The bus driver, in addition to tachograph’s key, must have in the bus and be able to show, if requested, the speed recording charts of:
  • The fifteen (15) previous days.
  • The five (5) previous days.
  • The previous day.
10. For how many consecutive hours is the parking of buses permitted in streets within residential areas?
  • Up to twelve (12) hours.
  • Up to twenty-four (24) hours.
  • For as many hours as its owner or driver wishes.
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