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Section 18

1. Because the buses, when parked within residential areas, jut out over other vehicles and obstruct pedestrians’ visibility, should their parking in streets be forbidden:
  • No.
  • Yes.
2. When a bus breaks down in a provincial road network, at what distance should the driver place the warning triangle:
  • At a distance of at least 100 m.
  • At a distance of at least 50 m.
  • At a distance of at least 20 m.
3. After continuous driving for four and a half hours, how long should the rest breaks of the bus driver last?
  • Thirty minutes.
  • Ten minutes.
  • Forty-five minutes.
4. Every bus should be fitted with two (2) dry powder fire-extinguishers or fire-extinguishers of other material of equivalent extinguishing effectiveness approved by the Fire Brigade, each with a net weight of:
  • 8 kg.
  • 10 kg.
  • 6 kg.
5. The seat belts for the passengers are compulsory:
  • In school buses.
  • In buses carrying personnel.
  • In tourist buses.
6. In tourist buses, seat belts should be worn by:
  • The driver and the guide.
  • The passengers.
  • The guide.
7. If you change the external colour of your vehicle:
  • You should declare it to the Service that issued the vehicle registration licence.
  • You are under no obligation, provided that you will write again on the external surface the indications which the vehicle must bear.
  • Your obligation to declare it depends on the maximum gross load of the vehicle.
8. In case that the front number plate of the vehicle is cut into two pieces, then:
  • You should buy and place a spare number plate.
  • You should refer to the competent Transportation Service for its replacement.
  • The two pieces should be fixed together.
9. During driving a vehicle, the use of fog lights:
  • Is compulsory in case of dense fog, both in urban centres and outside them.
  • Is compulsory even in the daytime when overtaking a military column.
  • Is not permitted in tunnels.
10. The seat belts:
  • Their usefulness is trivial for traffic.
  • Are the only safety systems for a car.
  • Must be of an approved type and must be maintained in good condition.
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