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Section 9

1. What is the correct position for the body of a motor-cycle pillion-passenger?
  • Close to the rider’s body, following their movements.
  • Slightly leaning back.
  • It should remain always in a vertical position.
2. For traffic safety, which of the following should be carried out by a repair workshop that operates legally:
  • Check of the braking system, suspensions and engine operation.
  • Cleaning of the petrol filter.
  • Lubrication of the chain.
3. Motor-cycles and mopeds must be fitted with:
  • Two braking systems to act on both wheels.
  • One braking system to act on the rear wheels.
  • One braking system to act on the front wheels.
4. Your last action before making a U-turn in the road should be?
  • You should select a higher gear than normal.
  • You should give an arm signal and simultaneously switch on the indicator.
  • You should give a signal, so that the other drivers slow down for you.
  • You should look over your shoulder for a last check.
5. Your last action just before moving off safely from the parking place is:
  • Not to look around, as long as there is a parked car just in front of you.
  • To let the other drivers know that they need to slow down.
  • To give an arm signal and at the same time switch on the indicators.
  • To look over your shoulder for a last check.
6. Whilst riding you notice that your shoulders obstruct the visibility through your mirrors. What should you do?
  • Not use the mirrors.
  • Extend the arms of the mirrors.
  • Put smaller mirrors.
  • Turn on your indicators earlier than usual.
7. You are going to turn right immediately. Which should be your last action before turning?
  • Give the correct signal.
  • Take up the correct position for turning.
  • Select the correct gear.
  • Cast a quick glance over your right shoulder.
8. You see traffic signs that show a sharp right bend ahead. What should you do?
  • Slow down as you are coming out of the bend.
  • Slow down as you are within the bend.
  • Continue at the same speed.
  • Slow down before the bend.
9. You are riding at night and you are dazzled by the lights of an oncoming vehicle. What should you do?
  • Close your eyes.
  • Flash the full beam headlights.
  • Slow down or stop.
  • Turn your head to another direction.
10. You are moving towards a pedestrian crossing and pedestrians are waiting to cross the road. What should you do?
  • Use the full beam headlights in order to show them to pass.
  • Nod them to pass.
  • Allow the elderly to pass.
  • Slow down and prepare to stop.
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