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Advanced Courses

The Advanced Driving Courses has been formulated to suit any qualified driver, aged 18-25, looking to achieve a higher level of safe driving skill.

This course gives you the opportunity to enhance your driving abilities, with less likelihood of causing or having an accident, and to drive in such a way as to more deeply understand your vehicle, the roads, and other road-users.

Building on your existing skills, you will enjoy driving more, and make it a safer activity for you and everyone around you.

The Advanced Driving Courses at FARFARAS Driving School consists four lessons of (4) two-hours* each and the student is trained in the following fields:

  • Independent driving. The instructor sets the destination that you will go during each lesson and he sits in the front passenger seat, mainly in order to avoid accidents. You decide the route you will follow to reach your destination, how and when to change lane, the speed you will drive, etc.
  • Defensive Driving. You learn how to foresee the mistakes of other drivers. This way, you can even avoid accidents.
  • Panic braking and dealing with emergency situations.
  • Driving in a highway and training on highway’s road signals
  • Night Driving
  • Driving in extreme weather conditions

We understand that once you receive your driving license, you want to go out and enjoy your freedom and independence.

However, we suggest  to attend this additional training program, since in just four lessons, you will acquire the ultimate experience you need and become a completely safe and integrated driver.

For more information concerning the Advanced Driving Courses, call us to 210-8992826!

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